Welcome to Touch of Class, a ‘one stop shop’ for women of all ages filled with smart casual wear, formal wear, shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories. The owner, Teresa Hendrick, opened the business in 1991 with nothing but a $4000 loan from her father. Then, in 2012 after years of hard work and determination, she purchased and transformed an old run-down historical building in the downtown core into a beautiful place to shop and experience.

Centrally located between Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, the picturesque town of Napanee attracts visitors from all three cities and the surrounding areas. Napanee has a great selection of unique boutiques that has made it a popular shopping destination.

Teresa attributes 30 years of success to her personal prayer life, passion for change and desire to always create something new.

“Every season we look at new products that are current, will excite our customers and adapt to there ever changing needs. People come to Touch of Class for our unique selection, and personal shopping experience tailored to their unique style. We are blessed to be able to serve and are committed to building relationships that will earn our customer’s trust.”

Teresa grew up on Alfred street in Napanee, finished high school at NDSS and then went to Loyalist college in Belleville for 3 years. She finished a 3 year program with 2 certificates, the first in Computer Programing and the second in Information Systems.

“I thought working in this field would be better for my personality because I grew up very shy but realized later in life that if I faced my fears I could do things I didn’t think were possible.”

Teresa Hendrick

2 Dundas St West. Napanee, ON K7R 1Z4