After spending almost 10 years in PEI, Lisa & Ben Revell moved back to Ontario and took up residence in downtown Napanee and opened their clothing shop in Market Square. It didn’t take very long to realize this was a terrible location for a business that relies on window shoppers so in Jan 2018 they switched things up and opened a sub shop instead. In May 2018, they personally decided to start following the Keto Diet. And then came along the Keto mini donuts!

It was Nov 2018 and their lives changed almost overnight. Lisa found this cute little mini donut pan and made a batch of mini donuts to try it out. There were way too many for them so she put some in a display case in the sub shop and posted about them on their Facebook page…and orders came flooding in! In panic mode, she called Ben begging him to try and find more donut pans because they had orders for dozens and dozens of these little donuts for the next day. What he found and what they still use in their bakery to this very day was a child’s mini electric donut maker and it was truly the game changing moment. The next day she made over 150 mini donuts and hasn’t stopped since.

In Dec 2018 they moved next door into a bigger unit and started making bagels, squares, cookies and some meal & appetizer options. Their customer base grew from a few hundred to thousands and they have customers from Montreal to Niagara Falls and everywhere in between. They offer the largest selection of baked keto goodies between Ottawa & Toronto.

During the onset of Covid they did have to change how they operated some but their customer base just kept growing and when they opened back up to allow customers in the shop again in July 2021 they knew it was time for a bigger space. November 1st, 2021 they moved into their larger retail space at 6 Dundas St. West in Napanee and extended their hours and added many new products to their offerings including more meal options.

All of their own baked products are made with almond flour and/or coconut flour and the sweetener they use is Swerve (an erythritol blend) which doesn’t spike blood sugars in the majority of the population. Though not a certified wheat free facility, their products are good for those trying to lose weight, are gluten intolerant or are diabetic. Their products are wheat free/sugar free and taste great!

So the next time you visit this cute little town make sure to check out the sweetest little bakery without sugar in town!

Lisa & Ben Revell

6 Dundas Street West , Ontario K7R 2B4, Canada