Downtown Banners Honouring Veterans 

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Banners featuring photos of war veterans will be seen shortly on light posts in Downtown Greater Napanee. 

The Downtown Greater Napanee Business Improvement Area and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 137 received a grant from The Town of Greater Napanee to begin this banner project with 33 banners. Each banner displays a photo and name of a veteran. They vary from the First World War to more recent service members. 

Sean Beek of Beek Designs created these banners, working with the photos and information that the Legion provided. “The date from which these photos were taken strongly determines output and reproduction quality. By the time these images see the banners, they are easily 5th generation files. This means simply, they have gone from film to paper, scan to a digital file to re-touched digitally and printed again.” Sean worked to crop, stamp and clone various scratches and blurry portions of the photo. Every effort was made to try and improve upon the image and sharpen the final product for print. 

A Flags Unlimited representative has reported that Sean did an incredible job. The photos are of excellent quality and will look stunning in our Historic Downtown. 

To continue this project in the future and make sure that the banners remain in good repair we are inviting donations to be made to The Legion.


Abrams, Thomas
Babcock, Harry Leroy
Baldree, Don
Barrager, Ivan Durwood
Barrett, Gerald Richard
Beattie, Robert
Beattie, William
Bedore, Gerald
Berry, Elmer Dean
Blakely, Walter Douglas
Boyes, Jason
Brooks, Charles Henry
Card, Harold Almonte Raymond
Clair, Vince
Dowdle, Harvey Graham
Doyle, Harry Leroy
Elliott, Lawrence Edge
Fish, Lewis Lester
Follett, John Richard
Harrison, Gerald Michael
Hawley, Autry Austin
Hawley, Harold
Hearnes, Reginald
Jones, David
Lakins, Ronald Lloyd
Lees, Roy Clarence
Lewis, Borden
Leybourne, Mathew (Mack)
Libby, Richard
Mack, John H.
Mackenzie, Paul William
Mackie, Alexander
Mallory, Allan Marshall
McGill, John Leroy
McLlwaine, Morely Wilson
Meisner, Edward (Larry)
Moore, Charles B.
Morgan, James
Morton, Frank Preston
O'Connor, Howard John
O'Neil, William Overton
Perrin, William
Perry, Luva M.
Powell, William Edmund 1
Punchard, Albert Thomas
Punchard, Frederick
Purcell, George Edward
Rombaugh, M. Perry
Shetler, Lorne Melvin
Stinson, David Holmer
Streek, Frank
Street, M.I. Grace
Thompson, Charles Franklin
Thompson, George Frederick
Thompson, Ross Clifford
Turner, John Henry
Vaughan, William Dickson
Walker, Fred
Walker, George Harold
Walker, John Earle
Walker, Leo Earl
Walker, Raymond Clifford
Wayte, Clarence Orman
Wayte, Robert Harold
Wright, Edmund Douglas
Wright, Harold Colin