A dynamic leader with demonstrated exemplary public and stakeholder relations and skills with governance, business and financial acumen to determine all policies and supervise the affairs of the Downtown Greater Napanee BIA.

About Downtown Greater Napanee Business Improvement Areas:

Downtown Greater Napanee is a destination neighborhood that is rich in history and heritage while being recognize for its outstanding mix of retail, professional services, and exceptional dining. The downtown is a distinct blend of small-town charm with traditional and innovative family-owned business that bring today’s trends to Greater Napanee.


Maintain liaison with the Town of Greater Napanee through the appropriate communication channels.

Authorize all expenditures in accordance with the budget established for the current year in consultation with the general membership and approved by the Town of Greater Napanee Council.

On or before the first day of August in each year, submit its annual report for the preceding year to the CAO, including a complete audit and certified financial statement of its affairs, with a balance sheet and a revenue and expenditure statement.

Determine the time and place of all regular BIA meetings (except committees) and have authority to call any special meetings deemed necessary.
Notify the liaison staff of the Town of all BIA meetings, including all meetings of Board of Management, Committee meetings and all general membership meetings, called for the purpose of carrying on the business of the BIA.

In the event that both the Chair and Vice-Chair are unable to attend a BIA scheduled meeting, a presiding officer shall be selected for that meeting only by those Board Members present at the scheduled meeting, providing that there is quorum of the Board.

Additional Responsibilities:

Directors of the Board of Management may be asked to serve on a committee it will be their responsibility to:

  • Shall ensure that any committee, on which he/she is a member, acts within its mandate.
  • Shall report to the Board of Management on the activities of the committees that he/she chairs.
  • If the chair of a committee is not a member of the Board of Management, and the chair of the committee does not wish to present the committee report himself/herself, a Member of the Board representing the committee shall be the committee spokesperson at the Board of Management meeting

There are also four Officers on the Board of Management that have additional responsibilities. These include:


The Chair shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the B.I.A. and the only spokesperson authorized to speak publicly for the B.I.A. Their responsibilities include:

  • Shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Management and those of the general membership, unless otherwise delegated.
  • Shall be ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Shall be one of no fewer than two signing officers for B.I.A. contracts.
  • May be called upon to approve disbursements.


The Vice-Chair shall exercise the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence. Their responsibilities include:

  • May be called upon to sign B.I.A. contracts.
  • May be called upon to approve disbursements.


The Secretary responsibilities include:

  • Shall record all facts and minutes of all proceedings, give all notices required to be given to members, be custodian of all books, records, correspondence, contracts, and other documents belonging to the Board of Management of the B.I.A.
  • May be called upon to sign B.I.A. contracts.
  • May be called upon to approve disbursements.


The Treasurer responsibilities include:

  • Shall receive and forward all monies of the B.I.A. to the Town for processing and disburse funds by approving and requesting payments to be processed by the Town.
  • Shall submit up-to-date statements of receipts and disbursements at each regularly scheduled Board meeting. Upon approval by the Board of Management, the statement will be attached to the minutes at which they were approved.
  • Shall provide to the Board of Management an annual financial report as required under the Municipal Act.
  • Shall approve all disbursements.
  • May be called upon to sign B.I.A. contracts.

By agreeing to take a role on the Board of Management you are agreeing to fulfill these responsibilities and comply with all BIA and Town by-laws and policies. All new members will be required to complete training provided by The Town to ensure awareness and understanding of applicable policies.