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    PLANT HOPE IN 2021

    Across Canada and beyond, the goal is to see the land awash with gardens featuring yellow, the international colour of hope. Whether it’s flowers, fruits, shrubs or vegetables – just plant the seeds! From parks to playgrounds, front yards, back yards, balconies, baskets, boulevards, barrels and planters, wherever there’s an empty space to grow, there is room for a plant. Throughout 2021, the Downtown Greater Napanee BIA along with the Town of Greater Napanee and other municipalities, organizations, schools, churches, colleges and universities, clubs, businesses, and individuals are participating by planting Hope Gardens.  The BIA Beautification Committee will be supporting these efforts by using the yellow/gold theme throughout downtown this year.…

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    New Board Members

    We currently are looking to fill several positions on the Board, specifically within the Executive Board Positions. The Board is responsible for the governance, stewardship and strategic direction of the Downtown Greater Napanee BIA. The ideal Board Director candidates will be experienced leaders from various occupational and professional sectors with strategic planning and leadership, knowledge of best practices in board governance and public policy. Those who are interested in volunteering for a position on the board will need to fill out a statement of interest and submit it to the Operations Manager, Krystal Snyder, by email no later than 4 PM on Tuesday 2 February 2021. UPDATE: More information is…

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    Ombudsman Report

    The Ombudsman Office received several complaints related to the meeting practices of the Board of Management for the Greater Napanee Business Improvement Area (the Greater Napanee BIA). Specifically, the complainants alleged that the board made a decision about charging a levy without holding a properly constituted board meeting. They also alleged that on June 24, 2020, board members met in private at a local business contrary, to the Municipal Act’s open meeting requirements. The results of the investigation based on the available evidence, that the Board of Management for the Greater Napanee Business Improvement Area did not meet in private, contrary to the Municipal Act’s open meeting requirements, regarding the…

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    Veteran Banner

    The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 137 and the Town of Greater Napanee BIA are accepting applications for sponsorship for Phase 2 of the “Honour our Veterans Banner Program”. We are proud to honour our veterans by hanging their banners along the main streets of Greater Napanee in remembrance of their courage and their sacrifice. Each banner has a photo of a veteran, along with the units and dates of service. These banners are sponsored by veterans’ families, residents and businesses to commemorate local veterans. If you are interested in sponsoring a Veterans banner, please contact the RCL Branch 137 office at branch137@gmail.com. or call 613-354-5275 for further information.  

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    Sector-Specific Public Health and Workplace Safety Measures 18 December 2020   With protocols changing and going from one status to the other it can be confusing, please find below charts provide by the province that will explain the difference.  For the complete file follow this link! Always stay up-to-date on the status of our local area! See the KFL&A Public Health website for details!

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    2021 Budget

    2021 Budget On 18 November 2020, the Board held a Membership Budget Meeting to present the proposed 2021 Budget and get feedback from the membership. After the meeting, the Board felt there were many good suggestions the membership had brought to their attention. The Board took many considerations into account when readjusting the proposed budget based on the feedback from members. These changes included; Reduce the spending of the reserve by half, from $30K to $15K Reduce the Marketing budget by $2,500 Reduce the Beautification budget by $3,714 Remove the Tourism committee and budget Adjust the levy cap from $500-1800 to $200-2100, reducing the minimum for smaller businesses while not…