Roller Skating at the Napanee Agricultural Fairgrounds Arena

One thing people rarely mention is the magic of a roller rink. It’s the music the lights and the energy of the room that’s all part of the magic. It’s a lot like discotheque. Most would say a night club seems to concentrate on the booze sales but most that have experienced discotheques of today know that it’s mostly about the music.

DJ or live performance it doesn’t matter as long as there’s a good beat that makes you move. The music can make you fall in love. The owners and old schools DJ’s of DISCO BALL EVENTS know the recipe and it’s still possible to make the entire room fall in love at the right moment and that my friends is what we strive for.

Our goal is to keep the history of the disco culture alive by bringing those roller rink tunes you haven’t heard in a long time. Bringing the memories back from our teenage years. The Roller Skating is a big part of what the magic about but we think the music sets you up to love one another, the inclusion culture we grew up with and of course the hair standing musical feeling we once had. That is what we mean when we say…