23 Market Square was born out of the experience I had during travel stays in 2018. I set out to travel and enjoyed longer term stays along the Ottawa and Montreal corridor and later in the United States.

I chose downtown areas with Air B&B’s for my rest and recharge and looked for healthy plant based eating options. I loved the efficiency of having full kitchen and laundry services while I travelled.

I also have a long term love affair with design and the hunt of the perfect home find. These small towns had amazing well curated shops that inspired me.

I have always wanted a Shoppe but life took me into entrepreneurship in other ways. I felt I wanted to bring the blend of the things that I loved under one roof.

After the purchase of 23 Market Square in the spring of 2018 the dream began! A team of contractors under my management and design guidance began an extensive 3 level renovation of the beloved 1878 building.

The challenge of Covid19 hit in the spring of 2019 after closures and delays we finally had occupancy in January of 2021. It was a year of pivoting!!

I chose to move into the Unit B a lovely light filled 2 bedroom space while renting out the beautiful fully furnished Unit A.

We spent more time renovating the courtyard back area and doing and full facade upgrade during the summer of 2020.

While living in the community I met many local women entrepreneurs and that was encouraging to see them survive and thrive. I have also been able to see what the retail needs were in our area.

During the pandemic closures many of us headed to reclaim Vintage furniture and clothing as a way of lessening the foot print on our already strained world.

We learned very rapidly we needed to live smaller, closer to home and support those who were part of our home towns.

With that as the reality and focus 23 Market Square a Modern Heritage Shoppe took root. It blends new Unique Lifestyle products from small batch, women owned brands with Vintage Home Decor items. We also felt a natural extension of this experience would include fashion finds.

We opened fall of 2021 and are now enjoying the busy Holiday Season of retail!

We also look forward to the warmer months ahead and the exciting plans we have for 23 Market Square.